Monday, July 13, 2009

Your Twitter Profile Sucks

Too many people wonder why their followership doesn't work too well, get unfollowed or not followed in the first place. Starting with a good profile seems to be essential:

1) Give your account your real name

2) Have a photo up - any photo as long as it is YOU

3) Point people to your main URL (check

4) Mix your profile well (not your resume, not some funky info - just what is your main concern

5) Custom wallpaper is nice but definitely the last thing I improve

6) Your location is more than a courtesy - people look for others in their vicinity

7) Don't "protect" your profile - protected means "don't touch me" and many including me just never even ask to get in touch.

8) Understand that 3 values are part of your profile: Followers, Following, Updates

9) UPDATES is a big influencer of your profile - some people check older tweets as well. Tweet what you think makes sense to your network - mix personal and business aspects in a healthy way.

10) Let pretty much everybody know that you are on Twitter - trust me it helps a lot.. Thought I share this with the group.


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