Friday, July 10, 2009

Xeequa Version 2.4 Released

Navigation and Feature selection
Communities that do not plan to use any of the main features such as Events, Discussions, Videos or Blogs can turn the feature of by checking the box in the community settings. Only admins (Board) will still see buttons.

The Blogger API is expanded so that a community can syndicate content with a Blogger based blog. This feature is only available to Gold programs and up. Each post on the community blog will be posted on the connected blog and include the authors photo and name. If the author has a XeeSM, it will also post the XeeSM. (see Social Media Academy Blog) This Link or on our revitalized Xeequa blog at This Link

XeeSM Integration
XeeSM is fully integrated with Xeequa now. So if you have a SeeSM setup the social sites will be visible in the Xeequa settings and vice versa. Also the connection in Xeequa are synchronized with the "favorites" in XeeSM. CHeck it out if you don't have already This Link

Axel Schultze Axel Schultze MyXeeSM

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