Friday, January 12, 2007

Internet Monopoly

Today I tried to get the new Fiber to the home from Verizon (FiOS). Unfortunately our area is not served by Verizon. O-ton Verizon sales rep :"You know it is a monopoly we can't serve your area, AT&T is". Hmm - I tries AT&T but they don't have any high speed Internet in our area. So I checked back with my current provider Comcast Cable - yes, I have Internet via cable but when I check bandwidth with my little tool I see upload speed of some 70 Kb.

Wow - and that all happens in Silicon Valley. Some times I hope I would be somewhere in Eastern Europe, 5MB fiber to the home.

So was that what we had in mind when we went from a government owned telecom to the "free market"?

Can you hear me - can you hear me now?

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year 2007

With the beginning of the new year and changes in the blog software I'm experimenting with a new Blog for Xeequa and updating this blog. The new software for Blogger is pretty cool - B U T as I converted it to the new format I guess I lost a lot of the old customizations such as the Technorati Links, Feedburner Links etc. Oh well...

Please visit also my new blog which is