Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar, took movies to a new level

Avatar was exciting, compelling, challenging, a new dimension in the movie world. The most well balanced movies I've ever seen. To me it also was one - if not the - most impressive movies I've seen in my live. I loved Star Wars, it was just overwhelming (back in the 70's), but Avatar was the most complete movie of all. A science fiction that had nothing that couldn't be true, nothing too crazy, nothing too silly, nothing too bloody, nothing too brutal, nothing too... To me Avatar had the perfect balance - and it was all about balance.

I will see it again. I believe I only saw "New Hope" twice in the movie theater. I will see Avatar now in an iMax, then with my kids again and.... Screw the box office numbers. This will hopefully be another one billion dollar move - just because I want to see Avatar II. And if not, most of the GREAT movies were less successful then the average shot.

James Cameron, you did an absolutely out standing (literally) job! Nothing more to say.


Friday, December 18, 2009

The Channel Never Dies

Whenever people thinking of eliminating the middleman something magically happens and that middleman takes center stage.

Imagine you want to create a social media initiative and you kind of get frustrated that all you have is about 50 of your 500 employees who would really be helpful. Then you have an epiphany and think "What about my 2,800 partners and their teams"?

Now we are talking

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Why I no longer tweet every day

I started Twitter early 2007 see my first tweets. Like many I had no clue - stopped using it for a few weeks, came back, liked it a lot and people laughed at me "Axel, are you out of your mind".
In the coming two years I followed probably 20,000 people on and off and got to 53,000 something follower over all - now down to about 5,000 after I did some twitter hygiene.

I used Twitter to converse, get news, chat, inform, provoke...

Twitter is evolving. It is going to be the world's most important NEWS platform. Twitter already became the leading publishing company - without being a publishing company.
And as such I will continue to tweet, but not about how my sailing trip was or that I have lunch with another CEO (well maybe once in a while) - but rather changes that may be of interest to more people just than my inner circle.

Like many things in our social media industry is evolving. People who hate change, don;t want change, will be disappointed - others will sour with the evolution. "Fly with the eagles or scratch with the chickens."

That's why in 2010 you will no longer see me tweeting every day.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

SRM Best Practices with XeeSM