Friday, December 18, 2009

The Channel Never Dies

Whenever people thinking of eliminating the middleman something magically happens and that middleman takes center stage.

Imagine you want to create a social media initiative and you kind of get frustrated that all you have is about 50 of your 500 employees who would really be helpful. Then you have an epiphany and think "What about my 2,800 partners and their teams"?

Now we are talking


walter.adamson said...

I think that enablement of social media in the channel with vendor support is going to be a definite hot area in 2010. The key is how to make all this work in a business sense in the complexity of the value chain and that's where this offer will shine. It's not an area where being "creative" or an agency can help. I'm looking forward to seeing it roll out and how we bring it into Australia and Asia.

Walter @g2m

Jos said...

I Love this one. Word of mouth from your existing customers only??? What about using your network to generate your word of mouth.

Jos Essers

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