Sunday, December 20, 2009

Avatar, took movies to a new level

Avatar was exciting, compelling, challenging, a new dimension in the movie world. The most well balanced movies I've ever seen. To me it also was one - if not the - most impressive movies I've seen in my live. I loved Star Wars, it was just overwhelming (back in the 70's), but Avatar was the most complete movie of all. A science fiction that had nothing that couldn't be true, nothing too crazy, nothing too silly, nothing too bloody, nothing too brutal, nothing too... To me Avatar had the perfect balance - and it was all about balance.

I will see it again. I believe I only saw "New Hope" twice in the movie theater. I will see Avatar now in an iMax, then with my kids again and.... Screw the box office numbers. This will hopefully be another one billion dollar move - just because I want to see Avatar II. And if not, most of the GREAT movies were less successful then the average shot.

James Cameron, you did an absolutely out standing (literally) job! Nothing more to say.



Marita Roebkes said...

the making of Avatar


Axel Schultze said...

Here is the link to the making of

Jorge Purgly said...

Dear Axel,
Your blog is very interesting.
If you have some time it will be a pleasure receive your visit on mines too.
Kind and warm regards (here is now about 30 Celsius degrees), from Blumenau, South of Brazil, Jorge

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