Thursday, April 12, 2007

Yahoo blocks Xeequa and others

It looks like Yahoo has a new spam filter. All emails from Xeequa, Tanooma and ChannelExcellence are blocked by Yahoo. We are working on the issue but it is extremely difficult to deal with Yahoo - so in the meantime GMAIL accounts work just fine.

To call Yahoo for support is another interesting exercise: pay $29

Oh well - another item in the comparison list Google vs. Yahoo


Channel Strategy said...

Yahoo and Gmail both are differ in their services, in the some places gmail is better then yahoo while in the some places yahoo is better then gmail, like in the gmail no one can make there account directly while in the yahoo he can, and in yahoo you can make your account country wise while in the gmail this type of facility is not present, so according to my view they both are right at their own places, they both are earning money from the Channel Marketing and Development so there is no any harm to use some services of yahoo and some services of gmail

Anonymous said...


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