Friday, January 12, 2007

Internet Monopoly

Today I tried to get the new Fiber to the home from Verizon (FiOS). Unfortunately our area is not served by Verizon. O-ton Verizon sales rep :"You know it is a monopoly we can't serve your area, AT&T is". Hmm - I tries AT&T but they don't have any high speed Internet in our area. So I checked back with my current provider Comcast Cable - yes, I have Internet via cable but when I check bandwidth with my little tool I see upload speed of some 70 Kb.

Wow - and that all happens in Silicon Valley. Some times I hope I would be somewhere in Eastern Europe, 5MB fiber to the home.

So was that what we had in mind when we went from a government owned telecom to the "free market"?

Can you hear me - can you hear me now?


Kevin Elliott said...

We recently moved from Palo Alto to San Francisco in one of those snazzi luxurious high rises. They touted high speed fiber to the unit, and access to satellite TV. Little did we know that it was AT&T's crippled service. We're locked in, it's a monopoly on our building.

To give you an idea, we're not capable of receiving the DirecTV or AT&T television/online promotions for new service for television or Internet, and we're unable to move to another service.

Topple that off with slower than hell Internet speed. Before we moved here, we had Comcast's 8Mb Speed Tier service, and we often bursting to up to 15Mb/s. Now we're stuck at 6Mb/s, and that's on FIBER.

If it turns out that television and internet become that important to us, we're moving after our lease ends. Too bad for our building, they made the poor decision of picking a bad services partner.

GIS said...

Now you are happy with your internet connection??

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