Monday, December 18, 2006

Xeequa Company Launch

For many this this will come as a surprise. Only a hand full of people and a team of engineers knew about it. Today we declare end of stealth.

January 15th 2007 I will launch an new force in the collaboration space and particular Indirect Business. Xeequa, the new company is in business to help companies instantly create and manage profitable partner alliances. Unlike today’s channel management solutions, which are owned by one vendor for “their” channel, Xeequa allows instant Cross-Company Collaboration for all companies with all partners simultaneously. All based on Web 2.0 technology.

Tanooma, the SaaS directory, will also early next year come out of Beta. We already changed the advertising mechanism to Adsense by Google which allows us to simply interact with Google to leverage our ad space. SaaS companies can self register; self service their profile so that Tanooma is pretty much a fully automated - self supporting entity. Registering a company or searching through the SaaS industry on Tanooma is completely free of charge and we have no intention to charge for being represented there. That allows us to have the most complete directory in the SaaS space.

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what is this SaaS industry.

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