Thursday, December 28, 2006

Web 2.007 (Web two dot oo seven)

And of course – in the typical spirit of Silicon Valley – here are some more predictions:

- YouTube will have much more users then MySpace
- Web 2.0 will enter the business world
- LinkedIn will go public
- Investments in traditional software will be next to nothing end of 07
- The number of Internet users: 1 Billion
will become the "number of the year" for all marketers
- World of Warcraft may be another IPO candidate
but may be purchased by Sony and runs on the “cell”
- Xeequa will have more customers by end of 2007 than SFDC
(just kidding – but you get the ambition)
- Second Life will become the leading virtual business party spot
- TV and print adds will further plunge to total none importance
- Relevance as measured by Technorati, Alexa and others
will become the market cap index for private companies

Let me know what you predict :-)

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Geographic Information Systems GIS said...

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