Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tanooma Beta Phase 1

This is a little bid like my first child was born. Even so it is still closed Beta, we are out! Already fixed first bugs and collected first feedback.

After a presentation yesterday at the SIIA conference and the SaaS Workgroup - we feel pretty confident that we hit the right buttons. The SaaS industry needs a place to go. And while the larger vendors will build their user communities we are building a hub where all the users and communities will find each other. We will soon provide ways to not only expose applications, solutions, companies, people and expertise but also local and vendor bound communities.

One of the amazing things in Tanooma is our Genetically Networked Architecture (GNA) which went also live today. Rather than having endless attribute fields and complex related tables for those attributes we invented a whole new method of dealing with the DNA of people, products, companies, skills, possessions and other objects. We literally took the biological DNA concept and implemented it into software. Every attribute is a BASE, every serious of attributes becomes a GENE and all those attributes together become a Chromosome. Nothing a user or anybody other than us has to worry about. It is deep in the inner architecture of Tanooma but it does what we couldn't do in traditional methodologies: Manage an enormous amount of attributes for all sorts of people, companies and products and expose them in any variety quickly over the Internet. For those of you who are interested in that particular topic: I run a special blog for "Genetic Computing".

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