Thursday, November 10, 2005

Executive Blogging

Currently about 100,000 blogs are created every day in accordance to a recent article in Forbes. Yet it still feels like something for freaky insiders. But that may change soon.

Executive Blogging (as I call it) may soon be a preferred way for executives to stay in touch with their community of customers, prospects, investors, partners, opinion leaders and the rest of the industry. Rather then sending out mass e-mails, hoping it hits the right people, the people who are interested to find out about the respective company or their leaders and people may watch the corresponding blogs.

That is how I want to use it. I will try to post updates and latest development. Even so people may fear openness as a competitive disadvantage – I believe openness is a sign of strength and maturity. BlueRoads is a fast growing and very innovative company, way ahead of any competition. I’m fine letting the industry know what and how we are doing.

Executive Blogging may become a new discipline in investor relationship and market communication. There will be a lot to learn and to experiment. In particular public company leaders will need to be very careful to stay within the legal and ethic boundaries of public statements – so let’s see how we can leverage Executive Blogging to the benefit of people who want to be informed and those who are ready to keep an instant open dialog. I’m happy to be one of the pioneers.


Naresh said...

Hello Axel,

Nice to hear from you. We must hook up when you are next down in Orange County.



Zoli Erdos said...

Welcome to the Blogosphere!
It's great to see the growing number of CEOs who recognize how important this communication channel is.

Sridhar said...

Greetings, Axel, and welcome to the blogger world. I launched mine last month and found it very helpful (even CEO's like you post comments)...check it out at

All the Best,

Karl-Heinz said...

Hello Axel,

this is a great idea and offering. Many thanks for your invitation!

Even though I am not a CEO I appreciate the opportunity to exchange ideas and expiences with others being around in the IT industry for quite a while.

As you know my experience is with Microsoft for nearly 18 years (1984 - 2001). I would love to share my experiences in working with Microsoft and help companies abroad (doesn't this sound funny for you guys in US?) to establish their businesses here in Europe, specially in Germany.

Looking forward to all those creative ideas from all of your contacts.

Again many thanks for your inviation to this environment.

Best regards and "Alles Gute" from Germany


Omar Nawaz said...

Hi Axel,
Good to hear from you. Thanks for attending the CEO roundtable, very good discussion. Looking forward to future discussions.


Klaus said...

Here some stats about CEO blogging I just came across. Looks like you are on the forefront ...
- Klaus
Bloggers in the Corner Office
link with free subscription:

Published: November 11, 2005
(After December 11, 2005, this article will only be available to eStat Database subscribers.)

CEOs show interest in blogs, but not many are doing it yet.

A recent survey released by Burson-Marsteller and PRWeek, and conducted by Millward Brown, found that although many CEOs can see benefits to having a blog, few are actually blogging.

Of 131 CEOs surveyed, about 7% said they had a blog. Only 8.4% said their company had a blog. (A handful of executives said they didn't know if their companies had blogs.) Looking ahead, 18% of CEOs said they expected to have a company blog over the next two years.

The lack of usage is not due to unfamiliarity. About two-thirds of those surveyed were at least somewhat familiar with blogs.

More than 40% said agreed that blogs enable quick communication of new ideas and recent news, and almost as many valued blogs as an informal way to communicate. Just 16% were skeptical enough about blogs to feel they have no benefit.

Burson-Marsteller's Leslie Gaines-Ross said that "most CEOs are still in a wait-and-see mode when it comes to blogs mainly due to time limitations and concerns about what they can say publicly."

Thomas Schneider said...

Hi Axel, super, many thanks for sharing this. That was missing, something like a brainboard where to post and share easy. I directly have tested and setup my own as well. Look at
Cheers, Thomas Schneider

Zoli Erdos said...

Interesting article here on CEO Blogs ….

Christopher Carfi said...

Axel, thank you for the comments. I've responded in kind here. -chris

Improve sales said...

blogging is the best way to improve sales, if your blogs are getting good traffic

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