Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Who wants to kill Twitter?

March 09: A faked Harward professor Martin Schmeldon accused Twitter to be responsible for our economic down turn. OK it was so stupid that an average educated human being was just smiling. It created still some noise but also some negative impact.

June 09: Harward again. A few uninformed students publish a "research" with a similar stupid title: "Men follow men and nobody tweets".

June 09: Just recently the rumor went around that Twitter user number is declining.

Is somebody trying to slotter the bird?

An interesting case of Social Competition. If indeed some competitor tries to damage the image of Twitter, "that somebody" got quite agressive and professional. Interesting also as it demonstrates the vulnerabilty of any business wether it is part of the social web or not. Social media pros obviously know how to defend themselfes - or at least believe they can but how about the rest of the business world that has no clue what is going on.

In case of Twitter - I'm sure they have a good defense strategy - like just let the community figure it out and defend their brand, that would be smart. But in any case it is a situation we can all learn from and so I'd like to ask you "How would you defend your brand"?

Please comment and let us know - at this stage of the game - no idea is stupid enough to laugh about. Share it.


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