Thursday, April 23, 2009

Social Media - moving from playful to strategic

Cisco, IBM, Walmart, Wholefoods, Starbucks and others invest millions in their social web presence. The investment is more on the human resource side than on systems. They don't advertise what they are doing but they are moving fast.

The Social Media Academy provides some insight in this week's complimentary webinar

- The impact of social media on businesses across all industries

- Identifying the largest pool of business opportunities

- Assessment of a company's social ecosystem

- Developing a comprehensive social media strategy

- Creating a social media plan

- Reporting and analytics in social media - over 100 reporting tools

- ROI, resources and budget considerations

- Social media as a cross functional business accelerator

- Competing for mind, - and market share

- Building a successful social media practice

This Friday 4/24 - 9:00AM (PDT) Online conference (no charge)


Axel Schultze said...

This was actually XeeCasted from the community

Anonymous said...

Seems that comments get nicely synchronized too

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