Monday, February 06, 2006

Tanooma - building a new world

Tanooma - A new world a new engagement
As you know I'm working with a partner on a next generation Software as a Service engagement.

Dr. Timothy Chou (former president of Oracle on Demand) and I decided to continue pioneering the SaaS industry and contribute to its growth. We are currently developing the underlying infrastructure and software architecture for our new solution and also work on definitions, business model and go to market strategy. Please stay tuned for a few more weeks. If you are interested, you may register at the Tanooma site at and we will automatically inform you prior to the launch.

Both, Tim and I are working within this SaaS industry from day one. And we both share our view with many others - this industry will be more disruptive to Information Technology then any other innovation before. The interesting part about Software as a Service is, that it is more then just a new technology - it is actually more a new methodology and more importantly a new business life style.

Selling Software comes to its end. We are at the beginning of providing software based services. A SaaS company can not leave once a deal is signed - the engagement actually just begins at that point. SaaS is a new world with new aspects, new thoughts and new behaviors. SaaS provides new benefits, more simplicity but as markets grow there are more and more questions - I am currently tracking over 300 SaaS companies - end of last year I encountered about 200.

This is going to be one of the most exciting times in our industry!


BjornZ said...


Good on you. What is your definition or how do you differentiate between ASP and SAAS?



Axel Schultze said...

Let me put it this way:
An Application Service Provider (ASP) was an entity that provided applications in a hosted environment. The problem back then: There were no applications. It was like in the early 80's where people used terminal emulators to run mini or mainframe programs on PCs.

Software as a Service in contrast is an application that is build from ground up as a web based application. We are seeing new hosting providers such as OpSource providing the hosting service and software companies including, Intacct, BlueRoads, Eloqua and some hundred others that are developing and delivering the actual software.

Sridhar said...


Is it fair to use the following differentiation:

ASP--> all the intelligence/logic is handled out of remote server and the client desktop is hardly used other than display. Makes for fast deployment but lacks richness in usability.

Client/Server --> shared processing between client application and server-side application or middleware. Good side is usually high performance. Bad side is cost, complexity and long time to deploy.

Software as a Service--> leverages much more of client horsepower/logic yet without the complexity and expense of traditional client/server enterprise software applications. Best of both worlds--quick deployment and ease of use.


Zoli Erdos said...


You listed so many apps, sometimes partially redundant ones (Salesforce, RightNow, NetSuite) that in today's world it's a gargantuan IT task to "integrate" these, even if not in the traditional sense, but to make sure you can support workflow (dataflow) between those apps.

There must be a reason for listing sooooo many apps... I suspect I may have to do with Tanooma's mission? Are you planning to come out with an integration layer (and perhaps some suppport) for all these apps?

Zoli Erdos said...

Oops, sorry, ignore the above comment, I meant to post it to another post from you. "Technology Free IT". I have no clue how I ended up here. Man, I hate blogger :-(

Anonymous said...

I still am confused with the difference single tenant versus multi tenant for the SaaS aggregator...Help1

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